Our third world war is with ourselves, and the consequences of humanities weight upon the environment. Our melting worldwide glaciers, the emotional and physical scar that war has left on our environment, and the quality and the consequence of life that we all must bare is uniquely ours. Before us oil, coal, lead, aluminum and gold stand as statues of consumption, reflecting back upon us a visage of Easter Island. An echo of destiny, realizing that half of the polar bears in my photographs will be gone by 2015 and that the entire Hudson Bay population will be extinct by 2040, right about the time when all edible fish will cease to exist in the worlds oceans. This ultimate human condition, this global inheritance from our collective past and present will be our legacy. The thirteen warmest years since 1850 have all occurred since 1997. A 6-degree temperature increase in Antarctica means a 25% decline in rainfall in the Sahel, which expands the Saharan desert, which deposits more fine dust upon the reefs of the Bahamas as the trade winds travel eastward. Scientists commonly agree, when Mother Nature decides, she can deliver our world into an ice age in only 30 days. I have spent the last 15 years as witness to the unfolding of our collective consciousness. The images are my testimony.